Jantar Mantar – A perfect Place to Protest ?

August 22, 2006

Observing for the past few days of indian politics i came to find a pattern ( as i am a DWDM student )with minimum support and max confidence i.e, jantar mantar became a famous to protest.I think it doesnt have any entrance fee and it also pleasent from concret jungle of delhi.From my knowledge it starts with Arundhati Roy for Naramada bachao.., now anti quota students against quotas in higher education institutes… and tommorow Mr KCR (union cabinet minister for labour) and Miss Vijay Santhi (Veteran Telugu Actress) for separate Telangana region as a new state.I think govt. must collect entrance fees for this architectural monument which generate huge amount and help in balancing the salary hike that is given to our beloved parliment members as that their present salary[ Rs 40k ] is not sufficient for houshold chores or prevent an aam adami from his back bone pain from the raising oil prices.


Man is Immortal ?

June 8, 2006

         from the begining of the life on the earth humans always tends to go opposite in most of the matters that are created by god . Intially adam and eve challenged.Now its our turn again.

             According to the Hindu mythology, the gods and devils churn the pala  samdhrum(milk sea and it is like holy grail in bible terminology)  for the sake of Amrutham(drink which gives immoratlity).During the course of churning there are lots of things came before amrutham.Some of the things for good being and some of them are not.one of the thing that is not good is kalakoti visham(dangerous poison).neone dare to take it .But poor lord siva take it and condense the vapours of that obnoxious poisonous gas by keeping it in his throat.

     If the gods know about california tech and harvard guyz , I think they do not take that much risk. Even they give funds for R & D.Then US will become God's own country.so wat about kerala(kerala tourism punch line 'Gods own country').                                                      


                                   A mind is a wonderful thing to waste.


Bush declares war on India ?

June 7, 2006

                       without finding laden the war on terrorism came to end.Now here is the another chance for Bush to get hold the America's Most wanted Guy.All the Best Mr. Bush.Take care there is Mr.Modi.